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Line with intense emotions, poems on the prison work Comments Guangdong as a great anthem and heroic demonstrated cavalier demeanor, dignity and uprightness resilient, indomitable beyond the prison scene 's fierce patriots Phan Boi Chau, in the days of the Chinese military junta detained.

Prison - which is where the battle will bury the man, the dim shadows with intrigue, emergence traps, stalking the living. Yet for Phan Boi Chau, that's just where the fire test, is a "home" for the four foot pipe pause revolution.

It is no coincidence that the first theme of the poem is cooperation in the dungeon Comments Guangdong. Born between prison, where the ghosts out of the picture heinous crime, people easily devoured in its rotation by the inability and fear mediocrity. Poem in Han still does not alleviate the spirit, the atmosphere roughly as "turning the cosmos." The verse comes out of the heart of the poet, the stocky affirmation for the hero concept:

There is still comfortably martial artists
Running on tired legs then jail

Even though the prison scenes themselves, "most current at the jail on bail eternity" (a thousand days in prison by collecting outside), poetry of Phan Boi Chau still keep the calm comfort of a man always confident, optimistic circumstances, it is the spirit of macho man with the will "prestige weapons hidden disabilities" (an irresistible dance supremacy).

In prison, people had to bear the physical pain and mental torture brutal attacks of the enemy, to face daily suffering, hunger and cold, and the wail, scream of so many themselves confined within the four walls reverberate austerity, murky. Yet, the verse does not seem to have a minute to make room for human weakness. All are filled with paintings imposing man standing between heaven and earth: I have traveled five continents between four sea, because the water that we as people in prison, we cried freedom, human rights justifiable for our nation, why are we subjected to humble submission before the reactionaries them, the other? So the baby's cage, which can be anything before stalking posture, assiduous of the "martial artists", tu mi son started biting the foot pedal and ground level "wind up" with the elegant, gallant .

Verse is the antithesis between the greatness, a greatness of heroes, martial artists and a box inside the flood of despicable, mediocre. At the same time, with a swaggering air gate, a smiling nodded, defy death, Phan Boi Chau helped us figure out a person's posture is always active and always doing all circumstances, their heads haughtily with lung tuberculosis.

Two minutes turned the actual look of the life events that have undergone revolutionary:
Do not have a four sea
Back sinner between continents

In the vast land of sky, the other infinite, the hero does not find a home, a homeland. By melting, the water was lost! Pain any longer than the pain of a patriot, a revolutionary not do anything for the nation to pause at the foot of prison. "Running on tired legs then in prison," now break this place, the soul of the instrument is still facing ancestral lands are being overrun by enemy colonists.

Contemplate the pain of a broken heart for life for the cause of national salvation ended proud footsteps of silver in prison, alone, by the hour is to bring "sins between continents". Allowing for either the real "Already - Again" wind sand makes it the hero's life such as more severe blizzard. But if they think that verse has a little bit of grief direction that would be wrong. Place the suffering of the Revolution in the huge space of four marine, five continents, we realized the enormity of the prison extraordinary patriot Phan Boi Chau. Were engaged in revolutionary activities, in the context of being surrounded by the enemy pursued, but Phan Boi Chau has consistently discouraged not lose heart.


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