Bye hearts, Hello cricket!

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Valentines Day is over and Bitlanders is truly done with it as well, it took a week for the hearts day themed interface and now, it looked like Bitlanders is all about Cricket!

After checking a certain user's account, this new page background image had showed on my screen! It's nice to see that the site is not just contented with one kind of background. It has been adjusting depending on the events that are happening worldwide and I like it that way.

I remember last December when it started to change its lay out background for the Holiday season and then there was a change as well for Valentines and this will be the third update that they had done so far in my stay here with the site.

And we are all going gaga with the costumes too which are all on sale for 50% with additional buzz too! 

How do you like the new background image?

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