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C-Blogging: Amber Museum In Palanga, Lithuania -  Photo credit: lt.wikipedia.org, Edition by Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

There are many museums in Lithuania, but Amber Museum is special to me. Why? Because a beautiful big park surrounds it full of ponds, bridges, swimming swans, nice beads of flowers of all formations, and many sculptures. You can find a bench in the shadow of trees near the ponds, to sit there and look how peacefully swans are swimming in the ponds. Sounds great, right?

The visit to Palanga is almost unimaginable without a walk in one of the most beautiful parks in Lithuania - Birute Park or Palanga Botanic park that surrounds Tyszkiewicz manor palace. And many people love it even more than the museum itself. How many times you can visit the museum? One? The second time may after a few years. But you can walk in the park every day and admire the museum palace building from a distance daily too. 

Every Amber Museum's visitor if want to get to the museum palace must go through this park. So, you can always see a lot of people walking in the park and near the museum. Yes, I love this place. And love since my childhood when we run with brother in this park. But let's talk about the Amber Museum itself. 

Amber is a stone of sun. It is a very warm material, spreading light and heat. At least, I always think so about amber. The museum has over 28,000 amber exhibits, 15,000 of which have inclusions (with insects stuck inside). Of course, it is interesting to see this amber exhibition, but to me, the most important is that the museum has a special aura. It looks like the museum always welcomes me to come back again and again. 

Palanga city is the biggest resort in Lithuania, and it is full of tourists always. So those, who want to run out of all buzz of the city, are going to the palace by all those tracks that lead to the museum. But if you ever come to Lithuania, don't hesitate to visit Palanga. It worth seeing all these big amber pieces with all kind of insects inside them. Even being a child, I admired looking at these pieces of the sun. 

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Palanga and its Amber Museum have long become an integral part of each other. And the integral part of all living there and near Palanga. All the tourists visiting Palanga or even Klaipeda, visit the Amber museum and Botanic park next to the Palace.  

To visit it is like a tradition, a non-written rule that you just have to follow. Probably every Lithuanian remembers how he went to the Amber Museum and with great interest listened to stories about amber searches and processing, and inquired curiously about inclusions. It seems that good traditions remain unchanged - Palanga Amber Museum has many visitors every day. 


C-Blogging: Amber Museum In Palanga, Lithuania - Screenshot from Querlo chat: Amber Museum In Palanga, Lithuania

Maybe my impressions are somehow related with sentiments of my country, but I still Amber Museum worth your attention.

Amber is a stone of exceptional beauty with great significance for Lithuanian culture. In this museum, you can see various shades of amber, artworks from amber, and jewelry. Just come and see yourself. 

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