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Greetings! It's me again. Today's blog is all about the app which I always use in searching for flights and even booking! I hereby present to you the Cebu Pacific Mobile Application!

Being in the Philippines and as it is very well known that in the country, the airline which offers classic and epic seat sales is Cebu Pacific Air, I had made it a point as well to download and install their mobile app.

Video credits: Cebu Pacific Air via YouTube

It had evolved throughout the years too from just being a simple booking app into a much more complex with more features and eventually that of which almost all function that can be done on the web can also be performed using the mobile app.

So, as an avid user, I hereby created a Querlo Chat that illustrates and showcases the features and functionalities of this mobile software. It is, of course, available for Android and iOS operating systems. I for one have the iOS app and it is quite fast!

Logging into the account was swift although I have always had this issue where my account is always logged out of the app after an update. Anyway, it was okay as I can always log back in.

As mentioned, there are so many features available and I will go through each menu options together with what the app really displays right on the screen. I hope you'll go through it as well and I know that after learning these things, you'll also start using the app if you are in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific is really our go-to airline when traveling because they offer seat sales and that most of the time, we are able to grab one just like our very affordable trip to Japan this coming June where we had booked Cebu to Narita round trip for two with 20 kilograms of baggage for only Php 5,000! We booked that last year and it's always fly day! But first, we have to prepare our Visa of course!

But this Querlo Chat is not about the Japan trip but more on the Cebu Pacific mobile app. My favorite feature though aside from being able to book a flight is the option to check in and view my boarding passes inside the app. In this way, I won't necessarily need to print my ticket. I can just show my mobile phone and that's it!

Enough of this talk. Let's now participate in this Cebu Pacific Mobile App Querlo Chat!


Image credits: screenshot of the Querlo Chat Cebu Pacific Mobile App


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