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Those who often fly with Cebu Pacific must know that they can take advantages of all the money they spend with their tickets through earning loyalty points through Cebu Pacific's GetGo Reward. This is a loyalty program which enables every individual who books tickets through their website. There's a certain number of amount that earns you a point but there's more to that than just booking.

Since I was booking tickets earlier with Cebu Pacific, I thought why not share about the beauty of GetGo Rewards? I had been earning points since I opened my GetGo account through the website.

So, I have created this C-Blog to give you as well an idea what this loyalty reward program that Cebu Pacific is offering to all those who are their customers. This option is for everyone around the world but the card can only be sent to a Philippine address, unfortunately.

Even though, if you are based in the Philippines, then I highly recommend that you take advantage of this option. Aside from earning points from booked and confirmed tickets, shopping either online or on shopping centers will also allow you to earn. Other lifestyle options such as gasoline stations and others can be a venue too! More importantly, the rewards can now be redeemed by booking tickets for an equivalent number of points.


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With that, I highly thought that this information is very helpful to everyone most especially Filipinos. Currently, I have around 11k points. There are certain destinations within GetGo website which costs lesser such as going to Davao or Boracay which only costs 4k points, however, I can't yet use my points because I need more points to book two people plus I am eyeing for Manila to Batanes flight which costs around 10800 points per way. So in order for us to get a free flight for Batanes, we have to convert more credit card points.

I have also explained in this Querlo chat on how to do convert credit card points into GetGo points which will then allow us to earn more for a free ticket. It will be exciting to know that we are able to book a ticket to Batanes without spending real money. I can't wait.

But for now, it would be best for you to learn more about GetGo and how you as well can take advantage of it if you are in the Philippines. Sign up, add your GetGo account number and start earning through booking, or shopping!

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