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I am excited to share with you a new C-Blogging topic as it is related to my work. I have been supporting pilots and cabin crews for a specific aviation tool. It has been around almost four years since I started working for this company and I am grateful to be a part of this huge step forward.

I work for a Belgium based company which develops mobile and desktop applications for pilots and cabin crews all over the world, that includes those who are in the Philippines.

This crew application is a new one, it is a complete revamp of the old app but they surely have a lot of common features. This, however, includes the functionality which was missing from the previous one and of which more and more cabin crews and pilots had been asking to implement. There were several delays during the development due to some very heavy issues of the naming convention as well as the change in terms of the people working behind the application.

But, finally, it is here and although we had not officially released it, the application is already available for download at your favorite app stores.

This application which I am referring to is the new CrewLounge CONNECT. This C-Blogging will give you an overview of what this app is all about, its features, how to get started as well as the tutorials in using the major features of the application.

Although the application is not really 100% bug-free, it is our pride to produce such app which empowers every cabin crew member and pilot to capture their rosters in a very user-friendly environment, even to the point of easy usage and sharing. Most importantly, we are working hard to add more airlines into the list and accommodate feature requests also.

Check this Querlo Chat about CrewLounge CONNECT!



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