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As I have mentioned before, one of the means for me to kill boredom as a work from home person is by trying out different places to work at, I don't just stay at home all the day, all week, all month. There are certain days that I would somehow prefer to work from a different environment, may it be in coffee shops or cafes. But lately, what I am interested was with co-working spaces.

This co-working space business is making a name in Cebu City and I have tried a couple of spaces already, one was the Workplace Cafe, I tried both their Ramos and Banawa branches. Another one which I have just tried a few weeks ago was the Headquarters Cebu.

Both of them offers fast internet connection, a good and comfortable space with tables and power outlets positioned in different areas of the space but although they offer the same type of service, the two have differences too.

That's what I am going to tackle in this C-Blogging topic today. I have made a Querlo chat differentiating the two in terms on their location, pricing and rates, their amenities, the food and drinks provided and most especially, the cleanliness of the working space.

Continue with participating on the Querlo Chat below to know more about the two co-working spaces and learn which one is best for you.

Participate in this Workplace Cafe vs Headquarters Cebu co-working space battle: 

How do you find it? Which co-working space is better and which do you think excels more? Do you feel like having just one complimentary drink better than an unlimited supply? How about the other amenities such as napping stations and meeting rooms?

I hope that this C-blog had helped you in many different ways most especially if you are someone who is based in Cebu City


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