C Blogging Features: How Does Discovering a Loophole in the Lottery Brought a Fortune to a Couple

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What would you d if you won a million dollars in the lottery?

Buy your dream car?

Travel around the world?

Or probably, quit your current job right away?

So, those are your plans.

But the real question is, are you buying lotto tickets?

I should say I am one of those not-so-lucky individuals when it comes to raffles or any game of chance for that matter. That is probably the reason why I wasn't encouraged to play the lottery even if the prize at stake is already more than a hundred million pesos. 

Our office would conduct events at the end of the year and other special occasions and part of the activities is a raffle with several prizes that are being given away. I grew tired of expecting that my name would be called, every time.  Imagine almost everyone has been called but me? There was even an instance when I checked if my name was really written on those small pieces of paper after the event. Guess what? My name was among the three people who were never called to receive a price. 

What is a Lottery?

A lottery is a game of chance.  If we don't bet or buy a ticket, we don't have a chance of winning. Simply put, the lottery is more than a game of luck.  

Our C-blogging Querlo Chat topic for today is about the lottery game as one of the featured videos in 60 Minutes

Most of us may be purchasing those lottery tickets just to try our luck. But its a different story with Marge and Jerry Selbee. Find out more of their story from this Querlo Chat:


Image Credits: Screenshot of the Querlo Chat Couple Discovered Loophole in the lottery

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Written for Bitlanders
by Sharon Lopez

Date: February 01, 2019

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