C-Blogging Features: PayMaya Promos for the Chinese New Year

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Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

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PayMaya never fails to surprise me!

I was running out of airtime load and decided to open my PayMaya account in order to purchase some mobile load. I successfully loaded the amount and as I was about to put down the phone, another message comes in which says, “Received money from PayMaya”. The corresponding amount was included in the details. It was exactly the same amount that I paid for the mobile load!

This is the third time that I am receiving cash-backs since December from different promotional activities.  The funny thing is, I don’t even know what promotional activities the company is giving in a particular period.

Why I Opened a PayMaya Account?

The only reason why I opened a PayMaya Account was for PayPal verification. But as I continue to use this mobile app, I am discovering more and more ways of using the same. I even started earning from selling mobile loads and data because of PayMaya. In fact, we can even start a small business with the use of PayMaya and our mobile phone alone.

I am contented with this app and I even decided to use the app to send gifts to my friends last December. I wasn’t aware of the promos being given by the company. For me, having the app is already a great help. I don’t worry anymore that I may not be able to access the internet while at a remote place away from home. I am confident that I can work anywhere with PayMaya, my mobile device, and my laptop.

As another month just passed this 2019, PayMaya has introduced new sets of promotional activities that you will certainly enjoy! Promos intended especially with the upcoming celebration of the Chinese New Year.

I believe it is about time that we learn about these promos so that we may get the most out of it. In this post, I will be sharing with you the different features and promotional offers of PayMaya to bring awareness to those who are using the application of those who are planning to use it. Join me in this Querlo Interactive Chat to learn more about PayMaya!

Below is a screenshot of the C-blog PayMaya Promos for the Chinese New Year.


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

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Date: February 02, 2019

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