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Taking digital photos is already a trend since the start of the digital era. Do you still recall those times when you still had a film camera, go to a photo store and have them films printed? Does it feel nostalgic? I had my own fair share of the experience and I love waiting in line for my photos to be developed. It makes me happy to scan through the tangible photographs in my hand then enjoy the moment of placing each of them into photo albums until such time when molds eat them until the image can't be recognized anymore.

That was more than 15 years ago but the memories still linger and I still have the same feeling as to how I felt before whenever I see photos printed.

When I learned about photobooks, I decided to really make one for those images we took during our travels. From that time when I received my own photobook, I already decided in my heart to continuously create and print these photobooks. I have so far printed more than 15 photobooks for the last two years.

Now, as for the cost, I know the online marketing of Photobook Philippines to be quite expensive, however, there's a workaround to that which includes buying deals from certain websites which makes the photobook to cost only less than Php 300. This is what I am sharing in this Querlo Chat.

So, if you are in the Philippines and is interested with how to print your digital photos in a photo book format, then participate in the chat below. It will surely encourage you to also get your images on hand.



Image credits: screenshot of the Photobook Querlo Chat

So now that you have an idea on how to order your photo books at a lower price, I am pretty sure that you will soon get yourself into laying out your photographs and sending them off for printing. Deliveries had never failed to get them into our address in less than a week so I am pretty sure DHL will also be able to deliver your own in the right time.

I am excited to see your photos too! I hope you had learned something from this Querlo Chat!

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