Cake pretzels

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First, prepare ingredients:
257g flour

3g of salt

7g sugar

7g instant yeast yeast bloom

210ml warm water temperature 35 ° C

105ml warm water 35 ° C

7g sugar

85g butter

A little sea salt

1) Dissolve the sugar, salt and yeast in the warm water and bloom for wheat on.

2) Then use your hands thoroughly knead the dough for the bread dough smooth and chewy. Place the flour into a bowl with a little sprinkle powder coat on the outside to help stick and then use clingwrap sealed and let in a warm place such as in a microwave oven for about 30 minutes of baking powder.

3) While waiting for dough, heat the oven at 260 ° C. For temperatures crust tastes different from your intestines air remaining parts warm water with sugar.

4) When the dough has expanded enough about twice the initial volume of powder, you get out of the bowl, knead it again. Then divide the cake into 8 equal portions.

5) On a flat surface, about dough into long strips of yarn about 40 - 60cm, finger-pointing small degree only.

6) Wrap the strip of dough into a circle. Then knotted in between.

7) Dip the bread into the syrup mixture before. This step not only helps the crust tastes different from the intestine but also twist more cohesive and more yellow when baking.

8) Sort cake onto a baking tray lined stencils available, then sprinkle sea salt on top.

9) Take baking for 10 minutes or until it is golden brown crust was.
Take the cake out of the oven, melted butter, brush them using a layer of butter on the crust. Wait a few seconds for the dried layer of butter can be used.

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