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I am pretty well and hope to all of you are also good. I am a bit worried today after meeting my doctor. The doctor told me that "you are having a deficiency of calcium". And due to this deficiency, I start forgetting things. Doctor asked me to have proper calcium supplements on daily basis. He prescribed me to eat such food which is rich in calcium. So I thought to research on sources of calcium. In this post, I will explain all the essential sources of calcium that are good for health.

Why is calcium much Important?

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Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. Almost 99 % of the total structure of bones and teeth comprise of calcium. Calcium is essential for our body in both nutrition and health. It is used for different functions of the body. It is used for the prevention of diseases and absorbing other essential nutrients. Doctors recommend taking 1000mg of calcium daily.

Bone calcium is also used as a storage area to release calcium into the bloodstream when it is needed. Eating calcium-rich foods makes it possible for our body to achieve optimal health. Calcium carries a small electrical charge, which is why it can conduct electricity in our body. Calcium is also one of the key players in maintaining a regular heartbeat. A healthy life can never be imagined without having proper calcium daily. Calcium is hence vital for our body.


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Now the question arises “Shall we eat tablets or calcium supplements?” or to find calcium from nature? So, the best option is to have calcium from natural resources. We are blessed with many calcium sources naturally. Use these sources to fulfil the needs of calcium in our body so, that we can enjoy sound health. Let’s see some sources of calcium that occur naturally:



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Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. It is filled with calcium and fulfils all the requirements of calcium without the overhead. Eight ounce of calcium provides 452mg of calcium and 125 calories. Low-fat yoghurt may be even higher in calcium. If yoghurt is added to the daily diet, it will increase your overall diet quality. The metabolism rate of the body is improved by eating enough amount of yoghurt. Eating yoghurt will keep you safe from calcium deficiency and from diseases too. The risk of getting diabetes and heart problems decreases if yoghurt is added in daily meals.



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All of us know that milk is the basic source of calcium. Drinking raw milk will provide you calcium directly. This is one of the most common sources of calcium. It is found in almost every house, try to use it. Most of the ladies are at the risk of having bones disorders because of calcium deficiency.

If a glass of milk is regularly taken by the ladies, they will never have any disorder. Weak bones will lead to joint pain with age.
Deficiency of calcium will affect your bones day by day. Not only ladies rather children will also drink milk. Milk must be necessary for us as it is much important for the absorption of calcium.



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Cheese is an excellent source of calcium. A little amount of cheese provides you plenty of calcium. Dairy products are full of calcium so try to keep in touch with them. All the dairy products can provide you amazing energy at a much low cost. Eating plenty of cheese each day is harmful t the body as it is full of calcium. So, have cheese in the appropriate amount.

Orange juice


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Oranges are a great source of vitamin C and calcium. It will provide y with u the basic energy source for health. One cup of freshly squeezed organic orange juice offers 72mg of calcium. Not to mention plenty of vitamin C, which will significantly improve the amount of calcium your body absorbs. As orange juice provides you not only calcium rather it also provides vitamin A and potassium. Hence, orange is one of those fruits that must be included in the diet to maintain health.


Off all the nuts, almonds are the highest in calcium. A handful of almond can provide you 200mg of daily recommended calcium needed by our body. Almonds provide you bones health. The fats in calcium increase the absorption of calcium. It also increases the youthful flexibility of bones by enhancing the formation of Collagen. Almonds also prevent your body from cardiovascular disorders. Enjoy a handful of almonds as a quick snack daily.


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Green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are incredibly healthy and rich in calcium. The vegetables that are good in calcium are kale, spinach, collard green etc. and many more. Spinach has a lot of calcium in it. One cup of spinach can nearly provide 300mg of calcium. And a cup of collard green provides 260mg of calcium.


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Turnip bulbs are also filled with calcium. To get your fill, add some spinach leaves to your salad or to add it to a smoothie. Try to add green vegetables in small part with every meal so that your body remains healthy. You can also add green vegetables with some grilled chicken to add some taste.

Sesame seeds


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These white little seeds are high in calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals. Raw sesame seeds provide 100mg of calcium per 100g serving. It contains calcium more than a cup of milk. Sesame seeds provide calcium and magnesium may help stave off migraines and healthful sleep patterns. Sesame seeds make your bones strong and flexible. It increases the overall bone density of your bones.

These are the best sources of calcium that occur naturally. I am surely going to add milk yoghurt and oranges in my meals as I don’t want to be sick. I hope all of you also get some knowledge from this information. Choose any of the product from this list and add calcium to your diet. Stay healthy stay blessed.

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