Calculate the Bitlanders behavior and Boost revenue,

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What if I get 0.21 mBtc per day, What would be, if i want 1.0mBTC per day.

Ok so here do we go,

We need 4x0.21 revenue.

My position now: 

Buzz rate: 56

Followers `150+

and Blogs : 25+

Multiply them all by 4 and add them,

I will need 200 Buzz rate,

min 500+ Followers and 100+ Blog posts to maintain my Revenues.

So why should you do it yourself, Get the help of Bitlanders.

Improve Buzz rate by Posting, Increase followers by Following and Increase blog posts every day, you will touch this rate in next some days.

;) Follow me for more details :)

I am reading computer architecture now.

Its damn amazing :)

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