Call of Duty, More Realistic Than You Think

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The ever popular Call of Duty video game is often criticised for being unrealistic. However, one of the most hated, despised and mocked aspects of the game is actually one of the most realistic. We are of course talking about the Commando Pro Perk. If you’ve never played the game, basically this is a perk a player can select that allows their character to warp several dozen feet towards an opponent and stab them in the face. Why anyone uses anything other than this is a mystery because it sounds rad.

This seems about right.

This perk is arguably one of the most controversial and talked about additions to the game, keep in mind this is a series with a level in which you literally mow down hordes of innocent civilians in an airport.However, few people realise that this is actually the games most realistic addition. There’s a fairly well accepted rule that states, within 21 feet, a knife is more deadly than a gun. This is because in the time it takes an average person to draw and fire a gun, the average person can clear 21 feet if they really haul ass. Basically, within 21 feet, a knife wins, period. Now some clever folks decided to measure exactly how far Commando Pro lunges and would you like to guess the number they got? Yep, about 20 god damn feet.

All those people complaining that this perk is cheating are just experiencing a very real fact of life, the area directly in front of a guy with a knife is freaking dangerous. In other words, people complaining about this are complaining that Call of Duty is actually too realistic. Now that’s a sentence we’ll bet no one was expecting.

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