Calorie Cycling Diet Plan To Eat More And Lose Fat

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If you want to optimize your fat loss diet for the best benefits, then using calorie cycling in your diet plan should be one of your key methods.

Why You Need A Calorie Cycling Diet Plan?

While almost everyone knows about counting daily calories, very few people count weekly calories. The problem with counting daily calories is that it doesn't allow any room for error.

For example let's say: You're able to lose 1 pound per week by eating 2000 calories per day. This means you'll need to eat 14000 calories per week to lose 1 pound (2000 x 7 = 14000). While there's nothing wrong with eating 2000 calories per day, it does restrict your lifestyle and food choices.

For example, what if your friends call you up on Saturday night and wanted to get some pizza but you've already eaten 2000 calories.

What do you do then? Do you make the choice of not going out because your diet is more important? Of course not! That's lame. This is where calorie cycling comes into play. Calorie cycling allows you to have higher calorie days by supplementing them with lower calorie days in between.

Here's An Example Of A Week Of Calorie Cycling might look like:

Calories needed per week to lose 1 pound = 14000

Monday: 2000 calories

Tuesday: Fast till dinner,1000 calories

Wednesday: 2000 calories

Thursday: Fast till dinner, 1000 calories

Friday: 2500 calories

Saturday: 3500 calories

Sunday: 2000 calories

In the end, it all adds up to 14000 despite having higher calorie days on Friday and Saturday. Just remember, you can cycle your calories however you like.

It's not necessary to have high calorie days on Friday and Saturday. I just figured those are the days most people tend to go out to restaurants and overeat more. Just do what fits your lifestyle. And as long as the calories add up in the end - you're good to go! You can learn more about the Diet Free Weekends Solution that uses a similar concept that allows you to eat whatever you want every weekend and still lose weight effectively and safely.

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