Camp Stag for the masses, making low budget music videos

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Just recently completed  a short film/music video for the band Camp Stag.

This film was created to help promote the work of the band and to help develop and raise their profile. This film is an example of making a film on no a time available strategy!

The thing is you don't turn down exciting work opportunities if you are busy.

You find a way of making the project work for you. Camp Stag are an interesting indie rock band from Stoke on Trent.

I was intrigued in the combination of my video work and their music. We have made two videos that are somewhat experimental in form. They try to tell the stories of the songs in a visual manner.

They also try and tell the story in a non traditional manner. Which is always my goal and aim, to try something out differently in a way that I haven't seen. For me the difference in these films was the combination of the music and visuals. You would normally see a band playing instruments a guy singing in these type of songs videos.

The advent of YouTube, Vimeo and Film Annex means that you don't have to be so straight forward in the music videos. This I feel is an interesting discussion point.

What do you need in a successful music video?

Is what I have done here to the detriment of the band?

Does an audience want to see them?

The band themselves don't want to be in a video. but does it help the sell of the music?

Here are the two videos, the band can be watched live this summer at various festivals including Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing stage.

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