Can Afghanistan attract tourists?

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Well the idea of Vacation in Afghanistan might send shivers down the spine, since it is one of the dangerous countries in the world. If you ask any laymen about Afghanistan, then immediately they might think/talk of of Bullets, Taliban, War etc. But friends, Afghanistan is not only about what is present. It has a strong cultural history and beautiful landscapes that you can hope to see once in lifetime.


President Obama has laid out plans for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan but there are some people/organizations who are trying to get back tourist to Afghan land. Afghanistan was actually considered a popular tourist destination prior to the Russian invasion of 1979. Then the Taliban rule and subsequent wars have almost virtually wiped away tourists. With moral policing still rampant, the locals are also afraid of going out.



But faced with the big task of establishing Civil Society and promoting growth, the Afghan Government is also promoting tourism options seriously. For instance to get Western travelers back, Afghanistan recently reopened its tallest mountain, the 24,580-foot Mt. Noshaq in the northeast, after years of conflict prevented travel in the region. The Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) are collaborating with organizations across the world to stimulate business interests and Tourism in Afghanistan with potential Afghan business partners.


Despite the various initiatives, the fear in the mind of people cannot be eradicated in one day unless the civil war stops still there are some brave travelers who visit Afghan land. The demographic, of primarily travelers are aged 45 and up, highly educated and often solo or independent travelers. These are people who are aware of the risks and are ready and willing to take on the challenges the destination presents.




With different countries advising their citizens to stay away from Afghanistan, tourists are taking their own risk. Recently concluded Bamiyan's international ski competition held in the mountains of Khoshkak, a 30-minute drive from the capital of Bamiyan province had 20 skiers from outside Afghanistan, alongside 10 local competitors who have been newly-trained. Such initiatives are part of an ambitious plan to promote adventurous activities in different parts of Afghanistan, a country exhausted by more than three decades of war and destruction.  One day when things calm down , there might be more people who will wish to visit the tourist spots. But till then the Govt of Afghanistan should silence guns since tourism and guns cannot go hand in hand.



Some of the famous places to visit as given in tourism websites are



The five lakes of Band-e Amir are a beautiful location of Afghanistan. The cluster of five lakes iscollectively known as Band-e- Amir. Band e Amir lake is also called the lake of jewels. Lakes of Band e Amir lakes are formed naturally with extraordinary geological formations. Color of water is deep blue.


Kabul Museum

Once considered a valuable record of Central Asian history, Kabul Museum, also known as Afghanistan National Museum, was home to some of the finest collections in Central Asia. The Museum was built in 1920. Many objects fromPlaces to Visit in Afghanistan Kushan, early Buddhism and early Islam were hosted in the Museum. Some early manuscripts, miniatures, weapons and art objects belonging to former royal families were also kept here.


Khyber Pass

Khyber Pass has been an important site in Afghanistan. Khaybar has been an important link between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Throughout history it served as an important trade route between Central Asia and South Asia. Most foreign invaders in India entered through Khyber Pass. Crossing Khyber Pass, one of the most important pass in history, is quite adventurous.


Minaret of Jam

Minaret of Jam, a magnificent minar, is one of the buildings listed in the UNESCO's world heritage list. Minaret of jam is also called Minaret of Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad bin Sam. Minaret of Jam is quite isolated in itself, located in a remote valley next to the Hari Rud river.


Panjshir Valley

The Panjshir has always been most people's first choice in Afghanistan. When Afghanistan was on the tourist trail Panjshir valley was one of the most visited tourist destinations. Due to its proximity to Kabul and its astonishing natural beauty, Panjshir became people's first destination in the country. It is located 150km north of Kabul, near the Hindu Kush.



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