Can Event like Olympics help to Unite Afghan Development

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Started about 2700 years ago, Olympics were started as part of religious festival. People from all over the Greek world came to watch and take part despite the fact that city-states of Greece were often at war. This was one event were the warring factions came together and in true spirit competed. Today Olympics though have evolved from Greek to world; they do present an opportunity for players to unite a country. Afghanistan is a best example where at least the warring factions will not have any objections because the 6 athletes despite cast or sect are aiming for one thing. To get a podium finish and see the country flag high is what each Olympian would expect.


Despite the major challenges faced, these athletes are pride of their nation. The Afghanistan women athlete in the Islamic headscarf, Tahmina Kohistani is participating in the 100-meter. But she faced the abuse: the men watching her train in Kabul, heckling her to go home or the taxi driver who kicked her out of the cab when he found out that she was training for the Olympics. Such cases are inspirations for a country which is trying to establish an identity of its own in world map.


In helping Afghanistan build, people like Kirk McDonald are doing their bit.  Kirk McDonald is the President of Pubmatic, a company that provides innovative technologies for publisher. Being aware of the power of social media, Kirk ideas look simple but they can bring about a revolutionary change. Social media is form of conversation that can be used to engage the audience.








 Afghanistan government can use social media to remove the barriers and nurture youths to realize their potential. Social media uprising have caused havoc across Arab nations by helping topple governments. If used properly it can be used to fuel positive energy of youth and reconnect with the rest of the world.
Olympics, Film Annex's initiatives in Afghanistan, contribution by successful people like Kirk McDonald are examples of people/organizations rising above their normal routine and provide a helping hand for the talented people of Afghanistan. Log on to FilmAnnex and check more videos.


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