can not be imagined

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Escape behind the crowd of people ..
No one who taught me the meaning of this life ..
Rain dumps me up and I saw the feet ..
In this land, yes, I’m sure there ..

Even though this heart ache ..
I will definitely fall in love again, right?
I will be more shine ..
Although today look the same ..
We will continue to step foot ..
And now that I know, your name is hope ..

Even though you never looked at me ..
I will never forget that smile ..
At any time if you are here ..
I certainly can stride ..

Even though I do not know anything ..
I will be myself ..
Hear this cry of my faith ..
Therefore ..

Can fall in love to someone ..
For people like me ..
Is something that can not be imagined ..
The future is always new ..
Thrilling and a place to meet ..
And now that I know, your name is hope ..
And expectations are sky tomorrow ..

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