Can you live without internet?

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Our generation is now higly attached to the developing and innovating technology. Almost everyone knows the Internet and everyone is really attached to it. This gave me a thought, and made me think again how about those people who live years ago. Those in their time that there is no such things as cellphones, laptop or tablet, no dacebook, twitter and Instagram. If you will come to think of it, you might be asking how did they survive that time?


Even when i am young, way back 10 years or 8 years ago, when we say we will have fun, we meant that we will go outside and play some sports or running games. But now if you will ask young people now, having fun is playing computer games and locked themselves to their rooms.


It is good that we are developing our technologies. It is just it kinda made me sad tht those young people of our generation now missed how we play during our times years ago.

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