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Less than a year ago I started writing blogs for the Annex Press, the media platform of Film Annex, a company that offers its website as a stage for independent film makers to showcase their work worldwide. Since I had never published articles before - on or off line - I didn't know what to expect. However, having no experience in the field released me from the pressure that good writers must feel when they publish their work, and enjoyed the dive into the unknown. I simply had nothing to lose. This is how I started to earn money with blogging.

I have never considered myself a good writer. I remember going through my high school years "surviving" any exam that wasn't strictly a test, knowing that my essays wouldn't allow me to shine to the eyes of my teachers. Granted, I wasn't awful. I could easily nail the topic, articulate it with flowing dialectic, and clean it from grammatical mistakes and annoying typos. Nevertheless, my work was quite predictable and sterile, and lacked the creativity that good writers display when they attract the interest of their readers. In three few words, I was boring. To further add to my misery, English is my second language, therefore I had to deal with the insecurity coming from articulating thoughts in a language that wasn't my first choice. Fortunately, I stopped caring about what I thought couldn't do, and begun to focus on what I believed I could do. What was the worse thing that could happen to me? People wouldn't read my blogs. Just the though made me laugh. And I started.

Believe me, if I can get paid to write blogs, so can you. All you need is finding something to talk about, something you feel passionate about, something readers would be drawn to. I'm particularly interested in physical activity, education, and women's rights around the world, so these represent my favorite topics, and generate inspiration to write my blogs. I'm not an authority in these fields, to any stretch of imagination, but I enjoy putting my opinion out there, hoping that it can motivate other people to do the same. After you choose what you want to talk about, find a website to post your blogs, and share them with the rest of the world. You will be making money on your blog in no time. Film Annex is an obvious example, and its Annex Press is real.

If you are a writer for Annex Press, you are assigned a "BuzzScore", which depends on the volume of traffic your social media can generate. Then your blogs will be rewarded based on that score, depending on the virtual circulation you have promoted. In other words, if your BuzzScore is 35, you will earn $35 per blog. Therefore, a higher BuzzScore means a higher rate per blog, which obviously means higher revenues in return. Bloggers who are interested in joining the Annex Press can contact Film Annex at, sending a writing sample and a brief explanation of the reason they want to be an Annex Press contributor.

When I first started writing, earning money online was the last of my thoughts. I was doubting my writing skills so much I thought this wouldn't last. Instead, I've written over 50 articles, and am still going strong. I have not given up considering myself just an average writer, and I still believe many people find my blogs not to their interest, but I've found satisfaction sharing on social media, and if I can provide some type of moral support for anybody out there interested in what I have to say - even one person - my effort is rewarded.

Giacomo Cresti

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As Annex Press Senior Editor, I'm an educator writing about 3 main topics: fitness, digital literacy and women's rights. I've been traveling extensively throughout the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe, especially in underdeveloped countries where women are considered second class citizens, and deprived of their most basic rights. Many of…

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