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Hello Bitlanders Users, Today I want Share a Bitcoin Faucet Game Called Cannon Satoshi. we can play a strategy game and moreover gain bitcoin in top of it! so without further ado, I will explain on this brilliiant site.

The Login / Sign Up Page : 

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In this page, we can see the numbers of registered users, sign up and login. to play this game, first we must sign up using username, password, and a valid email which will be used in case you forget your password. 

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After we sign up, we can login by clicking login button on the top right of the page by using your credentials.

This is the main page of the canon satoshi:

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Before I explain icon on the game, let's visit the most important page on the game by clicking  icon on the game. This page explains the majority rules of the game, tips and trick and many information crucial to the game itself.

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Now I will the explain the most of icon in the game:



Top page show us the leaderboards of the canon satoshi and it's user information that will be explained later.

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Ref page explains how to refers your account to others that will gain you 10% profit of the users that we successfully referred to, 

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In achiv page, we can get free gold coins, user points, and gems by clearing various task in the game.

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Home page is the main page of the cannon satoshi, the overview of the game, also the first page we see after login.

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Bank page is the place where you can withdraw your gold coin to bitcoin After reached certain amount ( in canon satoshi, you can claim your bitcoin after your gold coin is higher than 5000). you can claim it directly by using xapo wallet or you can enter your bitcoin address to claim it.

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There is also bonus between 20 - 2000 Satoshi that you can claim every 8 hours to get additional gold coin.

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Gold coin is the primary source in the game, you can use it for many use in the game inlcuding :

- Build Cannon and it's upgrades

-Refill Fuels

-Withdraw Bitcoin after reached certain amount (5000 gold coin)

Gold Coin can be obtained by:

-Cannon Mining the gold coin (you must have fuel)

-Bonus bank every 8 hours





Fuel can be categorized as primary source too, because without it, our cannon cannot loot any gold coins. the only way to replenish fuel to buy it with gold coins. we can expand our fuel capacity with gold coin + after user points reached certain amount.

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Gems is used for build cannon upgrade construction instantly by expending gems depending on the remaining time limit of the construction. we can get free gems by clearing achievements



 User Poin is the critical feature on the game, because it's the requirement for crucial features on the game like:

-Buy new type of cannon

-Upgrading cannon to it's further level

-Buy expand fuel



Profile page show our user information and we can change our password here.

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Chat page let us chatting with the other users in the cannon satoshi.

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With This icon you can buy gems which is used to construct our cannon instantly. 

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That's all for the explanation, now I will share a few tips and tricks regarding to the game.

Tips and Tricks :

-we start off with 25.000 gold coins, use it to buy 4 cannon.

-Upgrade it slowly like this 4 cannon at lv 1 > 4 cannon at lv 2 > 4 cannon at lv 3

-The Upgrade for cannon lv 5 is 1000 User Poin, at the time you upgraded all 4 canon to level 4 you should have 996 Points (8+12+41+188) X 4 = 996 poins

- 4 points left you can get it from upgrading your fuel to lv 3

-Lastly Upgrade your 4 cannon to lv 5 and you can start enjoying your income.

The Poin Of The game is :

We must quickly upgrade our cannon to lv 5 or higher to enjoy higher production rates.

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