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There is a very miserly person; his big fortune was the result of many years to stint himself in everything.


Unexpectedly one day, the Lord of Death suddenly appeared and asked him to leave. At this time he realized that he had not enjoyed anything from his fortune. He pleaded with The Death:


- I share one-third of my property for you, just let me live only one more year.

- Do not be. – The Death shook his head.

- So I gave you half. You give me half a year, okay? - He continued to beg.

- Do not be. - Death still disagreed. He quickly said:

- So ... I would like to transfer to you all my wealth. Can you give only one day more?

- Do not be. – The Death said and has raised the scythe in hand.


Desperately, he begged The Death for the last time:

- So. Please give me a minute to write the testament.


This time, The Death nodded. He trembled to write a line:


Please keep in mind: "So much money also cannot buy a day."


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