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Video credits: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

Although I am not really a movie junkie, I won’t deny the fact that Avengers: The End Game is such an exciting movie to watch out for after being able to watch many Marvel Cinematic Universe films. But first, before the End Game comes Captain Marvel or shall I say Captain Mar-Vell.

It is obvious that audience and fans have to find out what this character has to offer most especially as a help to the heroes who are left after Thanos’ mighty world changing snap during the Infinity Wars.

Video credits: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

If you had watched the previous movie, on the after credits, Fury was found to be using an old pager and Captain Marvel’s symbol image showed up on screen. In that scene, everyone inside the Ayala Cinema 3 applauded, whispers and convos around talked about this character, everyone knows Captain Marvel but it was not really discussed with the previous movies as to what this lady power has to offer. But it was also evident that this is seriously an important person in the process of restoring humanity back into Earth, we all hope so.

Captain Marvel’s character stayed as a mystery until the movie came into the big screens a few days ago. I, together with my husband were personally able to watch the film at Ayala Cinema 5 last Friday night. It excites us to see the trailer of the End Game too but today, allow me to share with you my own take as to how this movie affects the previous and the upcoming films.

Captain Marvel Overview


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Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) felt like she was a loser in her younger years on Earth but kept rising up from the fall, reaching towards her goal as a military pilot. On a flight with Dr. Wendy Lawson (Annette Bening), they were attacked on air by a Yon-Rogg, a Kree and eventually crashed the plane down but before Lawson could even destroy the energy, she was shot and killed. Carol, left alone had to do the destruction herself causing the energy to bounce at her, her body consuming it and with her unconscious self, she was abducted by the alien.

Carol was brought to Hala, Kree’s home planet, her memory taken away from her and was lied about her identity. But a retrieval mission eventually opened its way for her to discover her real true self.


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What was thought to be the enemies eventually were actually the real friends in this battle. Mar-Vel’s initial plan then became Carol’s main agenda now including defeating the Krees who were once the people she considered as family.

Revelations and Significant Scenes

Believe me, I was also a little lost at the first few parts of the movie, why was Carol having those flashes and some confusing scenes but at the mid part, I was already getting the story and appreciated how they made those sections.

Here are some of the signature sequences of the movie that you certainly won’t miss because Marvel had intentionally highlighted them.

Opening Sequence


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All previous Marvel movies have their opening theme sequence displaying the different MCU superheroes while this one has Stan Lee’s images and clips instead when he was still alive. And a “Thank You Stan” message.

It was a touching commemoration and appreciation to the mind behind the Marvel heroes and stories.

Stan Lee’s Cameo

After the opening sequence comes to the few second appearances of Stan Lee in the movie. It was on the train and Carol flip his newspaper or whatever it was that he was reading. He smiled and she smiled back.

It was a bittersweet moment and everyone at the cinema had made this “aw” aura.

Carol is not the Real Captain Marvel


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Yes, you read it right. The name Marvel is actually her senior’s name, she gave her the coordinates of her hidden lab where her shapeshifting friends and then since she had absorbed the energy which Mar-Vell, she was eventually named like that by none other than Fury, that’s my assumption.

Note, it is to be pronounced as Mar-Vell, not just marvel. She highlighted that it's composed of two words.

Carol’s Rising Montage is Dope!


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Speaking of woman power, the montage of Carol getting down on every aspect of her younger life and even when she was bullied during her military training yet standing up again and again speaks definitely true about how each single woman must learn to try out different things in life, those which you think are important and significant for you.

Being down and hurt is fine, it is part of growing up and learning. What’s really important is not to stay down, but to stand up again in every fall.

The montage of her rising up from the ground over and over again put a very positive impact for me and I believe for every girl who watched the movie too. It was strong, it sends a message and it was unstoppable.

Avengers Was From Carol


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It never occurred to me why the Avenger heroes were called as such because the name itself is quite direct but I am not sure if MC had really originally had this for Captain Marvel or if they just added it on top.

So in the end part of the movie, Fury was looking at Carol’s photograph and found “Avenger” in her aircraft. That then gave the notion that he made up the group of heroes’ name from Carol’s.

Goose Stole the Show


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I know I have given up so many spoilers in this blog but I can’t help it. One more spoiler alert here is the cat’s multiple appearances in the movie and I had already been anticipating a big role for Goose.

Eventually, Goose indeed played a vital role in the movie. This cat was cute until it became an eating monster of which Fury became very friends. He took care of it until Fury was included in the snap. But more importantly, Goose kept the Tesseract intact inside its body until the snap where it was seen throwing it out, I have no idea why it did it but it happened.

Binary Powers on a Roll


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You don’t want to miss out the point in the movie where Carol turned full powers and suddenly learned to handle her great accidental gift. She was like Goku or Gohan who turned into super Saiyan mode and I loved it.

It looked super empowering. That girl power was too much to handle. It was also very timely that the movie opening falls on during the International Women’s Day.

Also, it is important to note that the movie’s main director was also a woman. Speaking of girl strength and ability, eh?

The Mid and Post Credits are Worth Waiting


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It has been a viewer’s tendency to rush through the exit doors once the film ends but not for Marvel movies. Fans know that over the past decade, Marvel provides us with so much anticipating post-credits, we humans definitely want to know what happens next and such and Marvel is giving us that treat.

Remember the old dated pager that Fury was holding on to, sending a message to someone before he was blown off by the wind during the Infinity War’s post-credits? Well, Captain Marvel has answers to that.

Yes, Captain Marvel arrives when the remaining Avengers were looking at how they could regain the pager’s life. She headed on asking them where’s Fury, she has no idea what was happening but she had arrived which means she received the emergency message!

So, with that scene, it already establishes that in the End Game, Captain Marvel will not have any dramatic entrance, her character will eventually just appear given the scenes that we have seen in this movie.



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As an ending to this blog, I would like to share what I learned from the movie. Aside from it filled with woman empowering moments, its important lesson also which I personally learned is that the cliche quote is really true, it states:

“Try and try until you succeed.”

Falling and failing are both parts of our life, we must not stay on the ground, lest, we must learn to pick up ourselves, brush the dust away and try again.


Thank you for reading!


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