Car Chases and Explosions on WACKY TUESDAYS! - EXIT by Rebel Banana

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Having lived in New York for 6 years now, I know how annoying those Metrocard machines can be. MTA isn't the most reliable corporation in the world. Just a few weeks ago, one of their vending machines refused to give me my change, and they've owed me $3 ever since. You know I could've bought a bag of nuts or a small umbrella with that money. From the streets!

But today, I realized that I'm not the only one frustrated with the world of machines. Rebel Banana, a team of animators from Malaysia, share my sentiment. And because they're more creative than I am, they went ahead and made a movie about it. It's called EXIT and tells the story of a grumpy debt collector who encounters a faulty auto pay machine upon leaving work. The machine stops working right before it's supposed to give Mike, the debt collector, his change. Mike gets pissed, starts driving away, but to his surprise, gets chased by the machine. I'm not going to give away the ending, but... here's the question. What does the machine want from grumpy Mike? Why is it chasing him?

The animation is beautifully made. It gets you excited with its car chases and explosions, but you also find out that it has a... heart, and it's REALLY about... Well, watch the movie! Oh, and yes, it's also kind of wacky.

Share this movie with your friends and enemies! You'll be helping the filmmakers generate revenues with their film and get rewarded financially. They deserve it, and good movies deserve to be shared. Social film!

-- Eren

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