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What time is it?


If ever you forget to wear your wristwatch but so happened to be at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Do not worry at all. Beside the famous church painted with the ANGRY CHRIST stand a one of a kind clock. It is called the CARABAO SUNDIAL.

At first glance you might not know what this static figure is all about.

Why is it designed like this?

What is the significant purpose why this structure was built?


Let me explain further.


This spectacular CARABAO SUNDIAL was built last December, 1975 by Shalom IV ’76, a group of senior students from Don Bosco Techinical Institute – Victorias, with the assistance of the management of Victorias Millling Company, Inc (VMC).


Image source: Robert Desin jr.


The Carabao stands for a hardworking community and the ever strong Philippine Labor; the Sugar Cane symbolizes the sugar, the product which has made VMC known throughout the world and the principal source of income of the people in Negros; and the Young Man represents the youth who will lead our country tomorrow.

This impressive artwork is not only meaningful but also very useful for everyone who passes by because it gives a time information by the shadow reflected by the sun to its horn.

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