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Steps to card Ebay succcessfully :- Things You Needed :-
1.eBay Account ( Good Account with Feedback Score 30-90 ) Reason : This will make Your Chances carding Ebay Higher .
2.Of-Course Good CC Or Paypal , If Doing With Paypal Must Know How To Use It , Dont Worry I Will Give Tutorial on How To Use Paypal Also ..
3.Socks , It Will Be Better If RDP.
Method :-
1.First is to Select Items What You Want If Possible Go For The Seller Which Ships Within 1 day After Clearing Payment. like this Shown Below :-
You Can See Clearly The Seller Ships The Item Within 1 Day After Recieving Clear Payment. Reason : Once Your Item Shipped The Seller Cant Have Anything To Do .
2. Use RDP Reason : This is the most important thing if you have rdps it will be good because normally rdps are non blacklisted.
Now if you don't have rdps go for socks5 from vip72 check its blacklist check and then check it again on ip-
you can see that i am using a socks5 of 0% probability like this--
And You Can See The State And City Also Now Search In CC Shops The same city cc first after getting check it on for 1$ for testing its avs It do check the avs also and doesn't kill the card.
3.Now download proxifier and Some chromium based browser where you can delete cookies make sure you delete cookies including flash cookies every time like this after making transaction on paypal even if you fails
4.After Deleting login again with socks5 add to cart proceed to payment
5. Select pay with debit card ,fill the details ,now its done like this
if you have verified paypal accounts then its also good when u got a paypal account u should know the billing address for the account in billing address u can see the city and state you have to login with strong socks5 from same state of paypal otherwise no one can get benefit from the account and it will get limitited Now wait for the shipping
1.Use accounts with high feedback more than 100
2.Use debit ccs(visa and mastercard only)
3.Remember to clear cookis and data hosted each times
4.You can ask seller first before making transaction like you have to gift this item on this date so you can ship this today so you can get idea when it will be shipped
5.Check the ebay accounts feedback always make sure its 1 year from the last feedback
6.Always try to use ccs via guest checkout on ebay
7.Paypal accounts suck so always keep that as a last option
8.Choose items around 500-800 euros always so you will be succesfull higher amounts can go in process
9.Choose socks that are providers of internet in your country
10.Card only to same country
11.Choosing an old items is a better idea they are always in a hurry to sell those items as soon as possible
12.When you open make sure your timezone also matches the system and socks5.

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