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Look around you. Things were not like it was before, right? The weather has drastically changed, heat waves are now predominantly felt in many parts of the world, El Niño and La Niña now take turns in ushering drought and destructive cyclones, landslides and severe flooding in every corner of the earth, earthquakes and tsunamis are increasing in frequency nowadays. Scientists term it CLIMATE CHANGE.

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Well, the root cause of the so-called climate change is the utter indifference of man to mother nature. Widespread illegal logging, alteration and blocking of existing natural waterways in favor of unwarranted building of concrete roads, infrastructures and residential subdivisions and the wanton and relentless destruction of our wild habitat for commercial purposes. All these combined spells disaster for mankind.

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Further more, unstoppable use of carbon dioxide emitting vehicles coal-fired plants and factories continually damages and depletes our ozone layer. If unchecked, this ecological imbalance will one day bring man back to the stone age. Many international advocates are now exerting much effort to institute measures to alleviate this imbalance. Reforestation, cleaning and clearing up of clogged waterways, proper waste management, introduction of electric or solar powered vehicles in lieu of gas fueled vehicles that are manufactured by the millions in every continent.

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We should all start by planting trees in badly denuded mountains, hills and forests. Stricter laws must be enforced to put an end to illegal logging. Everyone of us must active take part and a vigilant role to restore and maintain a true ecological system in every corner of the globe. It's never too late to collectively bring mother nature back to where it was before. Human greed and selfish interests must be completely eradicated if we want a beautiful world to live in.

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How many poachers slaughter hundreds of wild animals for their hides or ivory every year? Once they become extinct, the balance of nature will be greatly affected with man suffering in the end.

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Schools must educate the youth on how to preserve mother nature before it's too late. Massive planting of trees must be part of their education.

Goverments must impose heavy penalties for anti-nature offenders. I understand many countries are now aware of the consequences of climate change. We must first start a global Green Revolution to appease Mother Nature.

Our existence only depends on ourselves! Nobody else!


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