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he went to congo in xv century on orders of João , principe prefeito, and soon são tomé, near ningéria, become the topest  world sugar producer and for there and congo João sented german printers for every kid in my time knew damn well that guttemberg was german and invented printing at that time1nearby you ´ve gott the high-school fascista, the city hall,the police, the gravyard where its buried Gonçalo mendes da maia, o lidador, companheiro d´afonso Henriques, xii century, that died battling the moors in Alentejo of provecta idade

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graduated in english first certificate by cambridge, art history at u.porto that is the topest portuguese colege and the 100th worldwide!i live at r.manuel luís da costa,155-a, r/c esq., 3700-179 s.joão da madeira, portugal

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