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THausand’s  of  years  ago  .peaple  lived in caves  the  sheltered thare  form the weather in cold climates.thay  could  light fires.In hat ones they could keep cool  so their caves were natural places nat man mada…

In them the caveman could protect  Themselves form dangers like wld animals . so thay  felt safer and more  comfortable there but cave werent  very comfortable  place  were they?no they weren’t caveman didn’t have any farnitare they probably covered the floor with grass  leaved or animal skins and they sometimes draw pictares on the walls to decorat  them…

Well there is abig difference between those caves and our modrrn hauses isn’t  there yes  there is ..

Nowadays we baild hauseas with many materials Like cancete and steel …

These houses shelter us b ether  than caves we make them more comfortable farniture and mak machines we make them  moe beautifaul too with ornaments and pictares  of caves they cast of many but that is another subject..

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my name is massoud noorzai i was bur in 1997 iam in ten class and i want become in the future an dactar

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