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Tumalog Waterfalls / Credit: Joseph Bacalso via Erlin Yen Yu's Fb page

When it comes to wonders, nothing beats nature.  One of the best creations that God bestowed on us is the waterfalls. A refreshing ambiance that provides self-relaxation and adventure at the same time. Here in my hometown - Cebu, a jam-packed of natural wonders are distributed to each municipality that has their own wonders when it comes to nature. Other natural wonders are left to be discovered are waterfalls.

For this blog and the succeeding blog/s, I will be sharing a few waterfalls that I visited and let you see the wondrous creation of nature. It's Cebu's wonderful falls: Kawasan falls and Tumalog falls that I explored three years back, so bear with some of the clarity of the photo attachments since it's a long time adventure. Before I begin this wonderful falls adventure let's get to know what a waterfall is.

What is a waterfall?

As per National Geographic Society's definition, "A waterfall is a river or other body of water's steep fall over a rocky ledge into a plunge pool below. They are also called cascades."

There are more than a hundred waterfalls in Cebu that are waiting to be discovered. In fact, I have read recently in Sugbo.PH a new waterfall discovery that can be found in the city -- the Kawa Falls and this is something that I can look forward to. Let me begin with the first waterfall I visited in Southern Cebu and it's the most well-known waterfalls during my college days -- the Kawasan Waterfalls.



During my college days way back 1980's, Kawasan Falls is the most sought-after waterfall when in Badian Cebu with a travel time of 3 to 4 hours from Cebu City. Upon reaching Matutinao (a municipality in Badian), you need to hike 15 to 30 minutes (depending on your pace) from the entry point of the municipality. As you go along the way to the heart of Kawasan Falls, you will have tropical sightings of the surroundings with lush, green rainforest.

Kawasan Falls / Credit: Erlin Yen Yu via Facebook

Kawasan waterfalls is a three-tiered fall that has a tourist-friendly trail that will guide you to the waterfalls. Trekking the 1.5 kilometers will give you a pleasure to experience a wonderful sight of the riverbank with trees lined up and the clear turquoise water. The length of the first layer waterfall is 40 meters or high. On the second layer, it is said to be 20 meters high where the source of the waterfalls located. It is called as the Kabukalan by locals which means "The Source". You need to be physically fit to climb "The Source" and a few kilometers away from the 2nd waterfall is a small 3rd waterfall that tourists rarely gets to visit.

There is a Canyoneering activity that locals and tourists went crazy for as it breaks to the social media. Never experienced it yet but from what I saw on some of my friend's social media news feeds it's a one time experience for me to do so as I love jumping off to the water.


Canyoneering & Kawasan Falls / Credit: Noahvde via Youtube

To give you an idea of what this Canyoneering is all about, here is a vlog from Noahvde during his Canyoneering adventure in Badian and ended at Kawasan Falls. You can see a lot of jumping off in this vlog which I like most doing and a girl slipped off that made my heart beat raised. Noahvde caught in on his GoPro and thankfully the girl has a slight injury on her arm.


  • Another term for Tumalog Falls is "Toslob Falls" or "Magambak Falls". A two and a half hour travel time from Cebu City. From whale watching in Oslob, it will take you 10 minutes ride to get to the drop off kiosk for Tumalog Falls where issuance of tickets is done. No vehicle is allowed except for motorcycles for hire or you can choose to have a 15 minutes steep walk or depending on your pace.

Downhill and Uphill Road to Tumalog Falls / Credit: Erlin Yen Yu via Facebook

This is the downhill and uphill drop off point that leads to Tumalog Falls. The road is quite steep that will challenge the strength of your leg muscles. Estimated time of arrival to the mainstream of the falls will solely depend on one's walking pace. If you can see at the upper left center there is a white drop of water on the rock, that is the Tumalog Waterfalls. As you go through the down-uphill road you will reach a dead end where tiers of waterfalls are visible.


Basin Waterfalls / Credit: Erlin Yen Yu via Facebook

Deeper to the forest we came across a basin of water from the waterfalls. This area is a bit moist and slippery on the rocky part because of the presence of the green algae that sticks to the rocks. You can also find in here some cottages and tables that are for rent. From where I took this picture I can already feel the cool breeze and the mist of the waterfalls. Seeing the waterfalls from a distance made my legs to race so I can reach the mainstream of the falls.


Almost There / Credit: Erlin Yen Yu via Facebook

The closer you get the wider the range of unfolding the beauty of Tumalog Falls. Here you can vividly see the tall waterfalls and the cascading mossy curtain-like rock wall where drizzles of water falling down to the turquoise pool and flow down to the small basin. Prepare yourself to get wet in this area alone. Make sure all your valuable things are kept inside a waterproof bag. Mind you, the mists and drizzles of the waterfalls are quite strong that is enough to get you wet.


Tumalog Falls / Credit: Joseph Bacalso via Erlin Yen Yu's Fb page

The awesome diaphanous curtain waterfalls of Tumalog Falls will leave you in awe as you reach the mainstream. The falls are surrounded by mountainous rocks that are covered with green and brown moss. On the sides of the waterfalls are tall trees that serve as a natural guard to the falls.

 Falls Swimming Pool / Credit: Joseph Bacalso via Erlin Yen Yu's Fb page

The dripping water from the falls goes down to a basin that looks like a swimming pool. The depth of the water on the sides of the creek is just about knee deep. In the center, it's waist deep and when you get farther to the mainstream it's chest deep. No worries to those who don't know how to swim, you can still enjoy the swimming pool.

 Back Massage / Joycee Abaquita via Erlin Yen Yu's Fb page

What's so nice in Tumalog Waterfalls is the free massage that you can get from the dripping water of the falls. Since the height of the falls is quite tall expect the impact of the falling water to be heavy and it does just look at our faces in the above photo. Because of the strong mists of the waterfalls we never had a good shot for this one.


The Climb / Credit: Joycee Abaquita via Erlin Yen Yu's Fb page

Part of being adventurous is climbing up the rocks in Tumalog Falls. The group's photographer Joseph Bacalso found a beautiful spot where we can take a snap. One by one and slowly by slowly we climb up to the first layer of the rock wall where there's a cave-like formation that you can take shelter on but climbing up was a bit hard because of the slippery rocks.

Tumalog Falls / Credit: Adrenaline Romance via Youtube

Here is a video of the Tumalog Falls 3 years ago when it was a wonderful waterfall. You can see in this video from the drop off point to the waterfalls and the wonderful water that flows and spread widely on the rock wall that draped like a curtain.


Mandatory Shot / Credit: Joseph Bacalso via Erlin Yen Yu's Fb page

The adventure isn't complete without the mandatory pose.  Again, Joseph found a perfect spot where each of us can have our selfies which he does all the time in every trip. It seems like the rock from where I stood and took the selfie is meant to be situated there. Nature does really have its own way to amaze us. Who would have thought that this spot is the best spot that you can have with Tumalog Waterfalls? Thanks to our official photographer.


After spending almost an hour dipping in the very cold water we then prepare ourselves to head back to the drop off point of Tumalog. The way back to the uphill steep road was not a piece of cake. Struggling, breathless, and dragging one another with a piece of stick was such a fun thing to do while laughing out loud and catching our breath.

This adventure was a blast and worthwhile. One of the best waterfall experiences and one of the best waterfalls I've seen. Nature is simply the best! And I have read and seen from the blog post photos of Lakwatsero that was posted 2 years ago there is a drastic change in Tumalog Falls. Saddened by what I've seen, the once beautiful Tumalog Falls has lost its glamour because of human's wrongdoings. Hopefully, this can be resolved and may the concerned citizens of the village find its way to restore the glamorous Tumalog Falls and still be called as one of Cebu's Wonderful Falls.


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Thank you for reading my blog. Until my next blog of Cebu's Wonderful Falls.

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