Celebrating Good Times Through Globe Rewards

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Celebrating Good Times Through Globe Rewards because surviving a 5 year course deserves a celebration! :)

In our University, about 60% of the population is using Globe as their network providers. I and my friends are included in that 60%. Every year, we are accumulating reward points that we get from loading our sim cards. Okay, let me replace the "we" to "they" because if my friends could read this, they would probably disagree because I rarely load my sim. It'll need a miracle before I could finally have a load. Haha

Anyway, back to the topic. Since globe reward points will expire on March 31, we have decided to collect all the points that we have and use it to pay for our KFC meal. 1 point is equivalent to 1 peso. Since we need more than 1000 points to be able to buy food for all of us, we asked for our classmates' points and even from our dear professors! Hahaha. Luckily, they all agreed without further ado. 



You can see in the photo that we have accumulated over 1,400 points. That's equivalent to P1,400.00 :)












































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