Change for goodness

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My rejoices and prayer to the lord

Thank you lord for another day you had given to me, for the fresh air that I breath this day when waking up in the morning another blessing another life to continue living this world. You are so good to our family, to me and to all people in the world though most of the time we are not following your will but still you loved us.

I rejoice in your name lord for all the things you gave to us, you are awesome god and you are everything to me. You are god almighty the creator of heaven and earth and no one is above you & like you, you are worthy to be praise.

My prayer for you is to continue blessing my life and my family, give us more knowledge and healthy body. I'm praying for changes of people who were involve presently in activities which commits sin, forgive them for doing things they are not aware or they do not know.

I gave all the glory to you lord and thank you for the answered prayers and for the prayers to be answer base on your timing.

God is good all the time!

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