change the bad days and make them better days

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Having a bad day, does not mean you have to be lead into a bad life when you decide to change the bad days and make them better days, by changing only you within. What does go from bad to worse is when you decide to make a bad day into worse days by sinking deeper into a problem that landed you in the mess to begin with. A man cannot get out of a pit if he is busy digging himself further down instead of climbing out. A man that has a problem with wondering eyes and cheating, is a man that cannot be trusted. When you loose trust, you loose the respect as well, when you loose the trust and respect of a woman that loves you. The only thing for sure that will come next is, when she has had enough, she leaves or you can choose to change, walk in the truth and become a real man/woman and gentleman of his word by throwing out the lies.

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