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Films annex is an outstanding social media from where you can earn money by becoming its member.I have joined Film annex on March 19,2014. One of my facebook has invited me to join this superb media. During this I have observed many changes in this social media.

From dollars to Bitcoin:

Before my joining Film annex, the paying system of Film Annex was in dollars. The total revenue and daily revenues were given in dollars but since February this paying system changed from dollars to Bitcoin. Film annex joined Bitcoin and now they pay to their members in Bitcoin for their qualitative content and work.

Classic to Beta Version:

When I have joined Film annex Film annex was in two versions Classic and beta version. Now there is no classic version but all of us are familiar with new beta version. In classic version five options were given to share our content on other social media these were LinkedIn, Tumbler, Google+, Facebook and Twitter 

. But now there is just beta version and we can share our content on three social media that is on Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

New Avatar Look:

Each of us on Film annex is different from others. Our tradition and countries are different. In order to distinguish one from other Avatar look was introduced in Film Annex, so that everyone has its own choice of Avatar look with unique outfit and makes different from other users. We can change our Avatar look from “Preference button” present in “Gear” icon. Below is my Avatar Look:

No more value of just doing Buzz:

When I have joined Film annex my colleagues advised me to buzz maximum blogs. If we just click the “Buzz” button it was enough and there was no need to the share content. But this rule was changed when Filmannex in his blog mentioned that “You are what you buzz!Use The Buzz Button Wisely”. From then “Buzz” button is considered as “like” or “tweet” and it does not give point in the sharing score.

Micro blogs:

At the start Film annex was introduced for the videos and films later blogs were added into it and also there was no concept of “Microblogs”. But now to share or status or thoughts we can use microblogs and it takes part in increasing or buzz score.

Mobile version application:

This is another an amazing change on Film annex. By this application we can use Film annex on our smart phones. This feature allows us to read messages, see notifications,change our appaearnce, we can also post microblogs and gallery by using mobile version application.

Personalize Profile:

Before few days, when avatar look was introduced the background image was fixed. But now we can customize our background image. We can use the background image of our desire. Now our Avatar and background image both our customizable.

New upload blog, gallery and Video feature:

For uploading blogs or videos classic version was used after that “+” icon in new beta version was used for this purpose. Now team has redesigned our revenue page, photo gallery and easy upload of videos, Just two days ago, new blog editor is introduced which is quite easy and now we can add videos in blogs from Filmanex web tv, Youtube and Vimeo.

Introducing Film Annex New Photo Galleries - Share Your Pictures and Increase your BuzzScore

Credit Cards:

Another very useful feature which was introduced before one month is credit cards for many countries. We can avail this service withouth reaching the minimum amount of 0.200000000 BTC.


Frequently asked question will come soon. It will answer our all questions it is a very good effort by Film annex team. It also gives the tips to increase our revenue and buzz.

Changes are always good.These are all changes which I have seen in these four months and also expecting for furthers changes and new features. It is the result of hard work and struggle of Film annex team. Thanks to Sir Francisco and his team.

For further changes and update you may subscribe Filmannex or Francesco-President and founder of Film annex.  

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