Changing of weather according to their environment and Effects of weather on our life

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Weather is the most important part and factor of our environment.It is not only effect on human being but also on plants animals and other living things.In every country of the world weather are change according to their environment with the time.

In some country weather are mostly same like USA,UK and Canada etc.In these country the weather are mostly cold and in some country weather are hot all the year like Arabian countries.

On the earth many country have both these weather.Pakistan is the most special country about weather changing.In the Pakistan the weather are change every fourth month.

Weather are greatly effected on our health.The cold countries peoples are healthy as compare to hot countries because in the hot areas the life is very tough and life is very difficult.Weather are not only effected on our health but also on our profession,style of living,our food,Wearing and also our plants and crops.

The rate of rain are also depend on weather either they hot or cold.Those area that are near to the sea and close to the mountains there rate of rain is high as compare to the plane lands.We know that weather play very important role in our life without it we can not survive.

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