Chaos Rings II

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chaos rings IIGlobally acknowledged RPG series Chaos Rings is available in two editions now, offering spectacular adventure, interesting gameplay and an ever evolving storyline. An amazingly beautiful fantastical world where life is at the brink of destruction, as usual, and the chosen one has to kill five people to save the world, and one of the five is an innocent child. Whether this hero can carry out his duty is the decision that lies in your hands. It is an exhilarating adventure ample for players of all ages who are devotees of science fiction and futuristic scenery.

The story evolves as you make choices while enhanced graphics built on a new rendering engine offer astonishing visual effects. The battle system requires strategic thinking, offering a wide array of character voices and wonderful music; there are plenty of hidden bosses and unexpected endings. The game supports English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and simplified and traditional Chinese languages.

As you would expect with an HD game, the size is pretty hefty, and it is strongly recommended you only use Wi-Fi connection for downloading. The game requires 1 GB of memory, so make sure you have it available before proceeding to download.

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