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In afghanistan different races are there people speaks different languages and wear different types of clothes.Afghani’s are mostly muslims.They firmly believe in Allah and his prophet Mohammad.


An afghan represents very well his culture and society.In first look a lot of thinkings come in mind that this man is still of old times because his getup is same as that was years ago.A typical afghan wears long clothes covering whole body except face,having beard and moustaches.He always wear a cap and mostly wrapped by a long piece of cloth.Afghan’s do not allow their females to go outside the home.Female also wear long clothes covering whole body.

A typical afghan keeps a loaded pistol with him and also having snuff in his pocket because 90% afghans are snuff addict.In behaviour afghans are strict and much sensitive.They become hyper and loses mind in seconds.Afghanis are very brave.Different states are trying to dominate over them but they fights against them till their last breath and do not accept to be slaves.


Afghans are very religious.They strictly obeys the orders of their religion and respect their holy book whole heartedly.Some people thinks that afghans are terrorist but the truth is not like that.As a single rotton apple destroys the whole lot similarly some afghans are extremist and want their own rules and regulations due to which whole afghan nation is thinked as notorious. In real afghans are peace loving.They want peace in their country.Afghans are loving and caring people.They are not terrorists and want peace in the whole world.


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