Characters against fanatism: John the Savage

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A hopeful character in the novel is John: he is the really one which is outside the World State. This condition may help him to be free as well as it may destroy him. When John first arrives in London, he is curious to discover the new world and how it works. In the Reservation he was discredited and mistreated, while in the World State people almost venerated him. But the amazement of the first sight will last short: the attention on John became more and more obsessive as the days goes by, and the man starts to feel uncomfortable in the world he entered.


But what is really interesting are John’s reactions: he constantly flees. He doesn’t even try to fight against the people who treat him as an experiment: he reacts increasingly violently, as he finally commits suicide and uses it as a final escape. For a character that was meant to represent the reader in the novel, this is outrageous: surely most think that escape is not a way to make problems fade, but only to cover them.


At the end of Brave New World it becomes clear that, even if there are characters who are easier to appreciate, no one is safe from fanatico behavior. Also the suicide of John is, indeed, a fanatico way of act: he is so obsessed to run away from the World State, that the World State overcomes him. 

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