Charlie Chaplin Vs the Talibans

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One of the greatest weapon we can bring to the table to defeat any form of terrorism and religious fanaticism in countries like Afghanistan is Charlie Chaplin and his collection of public domain films like The Kid by Charlie Chaplin. Any child in the world will identify with The Kid, and the music will do the rest.
The initiative of Film Annex and Citadel, No Politics, Just Internet is set to achieve the simple goal of giving Internet access to Afghan Children and supporting Afghanistan education system so that they can simply watch The Kid by Charlie Chaplin, as well as millions of other films available on the World Wide Web.

This initiative is about freedom of information and entertainment and brings two fierce warriors into the arena:
The Kid by Charlie Chaplin
The Taliban

I put my money on The Kid!

Building schools in Afghanistan and supporting Afghan women education is the best way to isolate terrorism and extremism. This is also done with the help of Veterans for Veterans businesses opportunities associated to their experience in Afghanistan.

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