Chat Survey and Bitlanders

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Chat Survey and Bitlanders

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Hello Friends

       Last days while i was working here i found Mickey's new blog which was about chat survey.Then i logged in global chat and found Hillary man, I was totally astonished. Was also feeling joyful while Hillary welcomed me in global chat.


She asked some questions and i answered them depending on my knowledge. She rewarded me 10BM for each answer.That was a marvalous chat for me.After taking my daily bonus in the evening. I saw that my balance was increasing with survey chat. Got so much happy while survey chat. After that i came into notice that Mickey has announced the double reward topic which was survey chat.So i decided to write my experience here about it.


What is Survey Chat:

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Survey chat is a unique features of bitlanders. Everyone knows that global chat is a unique features of bitlanders where we can talk live with others buddies through text.Hillary will welcome to you in global chat. She will ask some questions about different topics.

You can be rewarded 10BM of each question.It is very easy method to increase  daily earning there is no needs to answer right one. Because it is totally survey chat and this is not any types of examinations. You can answer with your own thinking.

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Your earning with survey chat will be transfered to your account when will you received daily bonus. Survey chat is also beneficial for those people who have less earnings. They can rappidly increase their earningsthrough survey chat. In a very short time you can earn extra. I took only 20 minutes while answering survey chat.

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Getting  Bored

If you are getting bored then survey chat will vanish your boring by different types of questions.Find the right answer and enjoy it.

Survey Chat Topics:

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There is no special topics in survey chat.Questions are related to different topics including science,sports,technology,religion and politics etc.

How to Find Answers:

you can take help through  google to find right answers.If you are unable to find the best one then don't worry at all. Answer as of your choice.

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