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Hello, everyone! It might be over Holy Week by the time this blog gets reviewed so I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I am here right now to do a little review on another transient room in Baguio City.

I know, you must be tired from all my blogs about Baguio but we're just halfway the journey. The first half was my trip with my family while the second half will be with my friend mhaiiiself. So I'm opening my second half of trip, of course, with our official sanctuary for the next adventure—Yang's Home Stay.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Our room at Yang's Home Stay.


In all honesty, we were supposed to return to Babs Place. But unfortunately, there were no vacant rooms on the dates we have chosen so we fell back into the abyss of finding another transient room as good and as cheap as Babs Place. Mhaiiiself and I had been comparing all the rooms we can search online. Carefully considering its prices, amenities, distance from the city proper, and feedback from their previous occupants. Although our top priority this time (but most of the time) is the price because we aim to achieve a thrift travel. Oh you'll find out how thrifty this trip is going to be on my next blogs! (Haha!)

I came across the page of Yang's Home Stay on Facebook and the feedback I've seen were quite good except for its customer service. For me, it felt like this was the best option among the choices we have so I suggested this place to mhaiiiself.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Screenshots of some of our conversations.

Since it was my suggestion, I did the inquiry with Yang's Home Stay by sending them a text message. I was surprised that their rate was much cheaper than what I read on Facebook. The room rate for 2 pax I've seen on one of the posts on their Facebook page was Php 1200, but on their text message it was down to Php 1000. (So we're just paying Php 500 each. Lucky!) After a few more questions to clear our undecided minds, I finally texted them for a reservation. Well, the reservation was done after a day because mhaiiiself and I still went on a serious discussion before finally agreeing on this place. (Lol.) Although we may had both agreed, mhaiiiself still has her second thoughts. The way Yang's Home Stay responded to my text messages kind of sets me aback too but I just brushed off their very short replies and some unanswered questions.


My last conversation with Yang's Home Stay was a day before our trip. And while we were on the bus on our way to Baguio City, mhaiiiself still considers of finding a better transient room. As for me, I quite dislike sudden changes but if we could find a better room then why not? Although, still, we ended up at Yang's Home Stay.

The check-in time was 1 P.M. while check-out will be at 12 P.M. the following day. Since we're both the early bird type, we arrived at Yang's Home Stay at 2 P.M. (Haha!) Actually, we still went to a hotel to inquire (the rate was expensive so we scrammed) and took some photos at Burnham Park since it's along the way to our destination.

(image source: Instant Google Street View; screenshot by Katsanslimites)
Yang's Home Stay building taken from Instant Google Street View. I forgot to take a photo when we stayed here. (Lol.)

The walk from Burnham Park to Yang's Home Stay was a tiring 10 minutes too. It was also raining moderately which added torment to our exhausted feet. Thank goodness we were not lost because I did a street view with Instant Google Street View prior to our trip.

We finally reached the transient house and I sighed in relief that we could finally rest a bit before heading to our first itinerary. However, that thought was immediately gone when the staff was charging us a payment of Php 1200. So I told them that what we had agreed on the text message was only Php 1000. I brought out my phone and showed our conversation on the text message as evidence.

The staff read it and went inside their office room to show it to the other staff for confirmation. I stood near the door never leaving my eyes on them especially on my phone because he might delete the text message and say they do not offer their rooms at that price. The two staffs were discussing about it but I could barely hear their conversation. After awhile, the staff holding my phone went out of the room and had us paid the price agreed on the text message. He gave me the receipt and the key to our room. Thank goodness!


We were led to our room and the staff left as soon as he opened the door—without saying a word. It's kind of awkward for me but I just let that thought go because I am more concerned of how our room was like.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Our bed. Photo taken after we woke up so the bed sheet was crumpled. (Hehe.)

Surprisingly, the room was small, literally enough for 2 persons. There was a television at the foot of the bed and a cabinet near the bathroom. The way to the bathroom was also narrow. There's only one bed, by the way, but it was enough for 2 people. It has two pillows and blankets so it's okay. And even though the space was small, we were pleased that the room was clean and smelled nice like fabric conditioner. But I guess they overdid it because mhaiiiself said the smell was too strong. I have a poor sense of smell so it just smelled moderate for me.



(image source: Google Maps; screenshot by Katsanslimites)
Distance of Yang's Home Stay from Burnham Park.

It's a 10-minute walk away from Burnham Park and about 5-minute walk to one of Baguio City's popular restaurant, Good Taste. There are other fast food chains, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, banks, and other establishments nearby too. It's also near the Pines Garage, a van terminal. However, you must prepare comfortable shoes and socks for walking in Baguio City because walking for several minutes on inclined roads is very exhausting. 10 minutes seems easy but it's very draining in reality. (Lol.) I even scraped the back of my ankle because of wearing the wrong socks for my shoes. Ouch!  

They also have a parking space beside the building if you have your own vehicle.


The total fee is Php 1000 so we only paid Php 500 each. Well, not bad. Even though we had seen a promo of same price at a nearby hotel after checking in at Yang's Home Stay. (Haha!)


This is one of the things I insisted on mhaiiiself when we were looking for a room. I could've agreed to rooms with communal comfort room but I have my red days that week so I convinced her that we take a room that comes with a private bathroom. The toilet also has a flush and the shower heater is available 24 hours so it's good.


I think all transient houses are open 24 hours, am I right? Well, I just like to add this on the list because I am impressed that we didn't have to knock at the main door when we returned at 12 A.M. Upon arriving, the staff came out and opened the door to let us in. Honestly, we got nervous when we saw the main door closed because the staff said they are open even at midnight when I asked him before we left. It's good that they have a surveillance camera at the main door.


Last but not the least, free wifi! I didn't try to connect on their free Wi-Fi because I had already subscribed to a data promo that time. But according to mhaiiiself, the internet speed was fast. The only thing I didn't like is that we still have to ask them for the Wi-Fi password. It was already past midnight when we went to their office to ask for it so I was sleepy and tired. And because of that, I could barely memorize the two passwords the staff gave me to try so I have to return and ask again for a few times. (Haha.) Anyway, internet access is a necessity nowadays, so it's a big check for Yang's Home Stay.



(image source: Katsanslimites)
Way going to the bathroom.

Like I've said earlier, the room space was small. I have to walk sideways to the bathroom while mhaiiiself gets some of her things on the cabinet. I think they should've put a thinner cabinet to have more space.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
The only window in the room.

Aside from that, there was only a small window where you can get air ventilation and a view of the street. The curtain and sliding glass window seems clean but the screen of the window is dirty.


Probably my worst nightmare on my stay at this transient house. Lucky I brought a plastic bag which became our makeshift trash bin during our stay. The shower head was detached from its host and has molds grown on it. It doesn't seem to be working too. The dipper was clean but the pail has some powder-like plastic bits settling at the bottom which I have to remove first before I took a bath. I also saw a small cockroach crawling inside the bathroom.

By the way, there were no toiletries provided. And I'd like to mention as well that the bathroom is narrow.


(image source: Katsanslimites)
Television with no remote. (*sad face*)

Surprise! I should be putting this on the cons list but how do you switch a television without a remote? The television doesn't even have buttons on it! (Lol.) Maybe we have to go ask again at the office for the remote? It was a hassle on our part so we didn't bother asking for it. And we don't even have the time to watch television for we were just outside the entire day. I wish they just removed the television so we could have a bigger table for our foods and other things.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Sitting on the floor because there's no chair.

Honestly, there's no table on the room except for the one where the television was sitting on. So we just made use of the little space left beside the television instead. And another surprise. There's no even a single chair in the room! It's either you sit on the bed or you sit on the floor. And before I forget, may add that there were only 2 electrical outlets in the room. We even have to unplug the television to have an outlet for each of us. So basically, the television is useless.


I get it why there was a reminder posted at the back of the door that tells its occupants to refrain from making noise. That's because sounds just seem to pass through the walls. You can hear the people at the hallway talking and it might be an issue if you wanted to have a quiet time during the day. Good thing people in the transient house were all quiet during the night so we didn't get problems with it and had a peaceful sleep. I was just afraid that they could have had heard us laughing out loud and overheard our not so good comments about the room earlier on the day.


(video source: Litmos Heroes via Youtube)
Why good customer service is important.

Now I could agree with those feedback regarding their customer service. We weren't accommodated immediately except when we got back at midnight and returned the room key when checking out. The staff is a snob and barely talks when asked. He didn't even mention the rules of the house nor gave a little tour around our small room unlike what the Bab's Place owner did. Maybe they were assuming that we had already read it on their Facebook page. They don't seem to be synchronized on information too. It's weird they have no idea that another staff had offered us the room for a lower price than their usual rate. I was disappointed that I even have to prove it. The way they respond to text messages is also not impressive for me.


(image source: Katsanslimites)
Our room key. Cute keychain, isn't it?

Honestly, I couldn't say it's a good or bad place because other people had a nice experience staying on this transient house. Maybe we were just unlucky to have experience some unfortunate things, so this will probably be our first and last stay ot Yang's Home Stay. We felt more unsatisfied than being satisfied so I will most likely not have Yang's Home Stay on my recommend transient rooms list. In addition, we also had a frightful experience while we were walking our way back to the transient house. We met a group of male students (most likely college students) along the way who were about to start a fight. Good thing we were walking at the sidewalk while those guys were at the middle of the road. I didn't expect we could witness this kind of scenario because the road's name is "Queen of Peace."

(video source: UNTV Web via Youtube)
Other transient rooms/houses in Baguio City.

There are lots of transient rooms in Baguio City and I am sure we could find something better next time. But I also don't regret staying at Yang's Home Stay because it's part of the experience of traveling. (Hehe.)

Yang's Home Stay is located at #1 Queen of Peace Road, Baguio City; almost adjacent to Pines City National High School. Here is their Facebook page too—(/yangshomestay).

Thanks for reading!

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