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I have been writing about personalities since few weeks and also get inspired. But, this time I planned to write about my favourite fruit. All of us are familiar with cherries, it’s one of the tastier fruits we have. This article is all about the benefits of cherries. I hope it will add to your knowledge.

Cherry: A delicious Fruit


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Cherry is a really amazing fruit we are blessed with. Cherries are too juicy and sweet that no one takes apart from it. These are present in different colours. Children love to eat cherries not only because of its taste but also for its tempting colours. Many flavours of cherries are known to us. Cherries are present in both sweet and sour flavours. Some of the flavours of cherries are:

>Rainier Cherry 

>Lambert Cherry etc.




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Cherry is full of nutrients from a health point of view. Cherries are good for providing health. It contains all the essential nutrients needed by our body. Few of these benefits are:


>>Cherries are multivitamin source

Cherries are full of vitamins. It contains vitamin A, B, C and E, which are all essential vitamins needed by our body. This tiny fruit can provide you with all precious vitamins in a single bite. When a person takes appropriate vitamin dose daily his/her skin look fresh and radiant. All the dead cells and impurities are removed from the skin with vitamin daily dose. In this way, cherries make your skin fresh and also give you energy.


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Different vitamins are used for different functions. Vitamin C is for making skin better. On the other hand, vitamin A is good for scalp and hairs. Plenty of vitamins in cherries make it a wonder fruit. Use it as much as you can in your diet.


>>Cherries are anti-ageing


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Ageing is the problem faced by each one of us. Everyone needs a solution for slowing the process of ageing.  Cherries have the highest antioxidant level of any other fruit. Being filled with antioxidant, cherries help in slowing down the process of ageing. By fighting with free radicals and wrinkles its slows ageing. Cherries prevent the signs of ageing like fine lines and spots. It makes our skin look fresh and good.

Drinking a glass of tart(cherry juice) daily will slows down the ageing process. Nothing can be more beneficial for your skin like cherries. Eat them, drink cherry juice and also apply it on your skin.


>>Cherries provide beauty sleep


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Turning right and left during sleeping means you are not having sound sleep. It’s all because of stress and unbalanced diet. The problem with this restlessness is cherries. Cherries are believed to be a sleep-inducing agent as they are filled with a chemical called Melatonin. This chemical is regulated the sleeping pattern.

Drinking cherry tart two tablespoons daily before going to bed will resolve sleep issues. Adding a cherry to your life will surely benefit you a lot. Sleep is the utmost need of a body. When you are having healthy and sound sleep your skin will automatically start looking fresh and radiant.


>>Cherries helps in reducing belly fat


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Belly weight is the most technical weight. Different remedies did not effect on belly weight. Ladies often face this problem after pregnancy. An easy solution of getting rid of belly weight is by eating cherries. Cherries are full of water content. They contain low calories and fat which is good for maintaining health. It will control your appetite for a long time. Eating a cup of cherries contains less than 100 calories, which can keep you full for many hours.


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As I already said cherries are full of water, so, it helps in increasing metabolism rate. High water content will increase energy levels and speeds up metabolism. Hence, cherries are superb if you want to reduce belly fat or overall weight. Eat it regularly and see your weight getting down. Weight issues are just because of unhealthy habits. If you start eating healthy then all these problems will be eliminated surely.


>>Cherry is Good for Hairs


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Eating cherries will not only benefit your skin and health but is equally beneficial for hairs. As cherries are full of vitamins, they provide natural nourishment to hairs. Cherries help in regulating hair growth. It triggers hair growth by regenerating the existing cells. Hair follicles are strengthened by cherries. Cherries also prevent split ends and breakage of hairs fro roots. It also repairs hair damage. In this way, all the problems relating hair are easily resolved if cherries are included in the diet.


>>Cherries reduce muscle pain


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Eating a cup of cherries or cherry tart can reduce muscle pain. If a sportsperson adds cherries to his/her diet, he/she will no longer face muscle inflammation. An athlete who drinks tart cherry juice before a long distance will experience less muscle pain after the race than others. Cherry juice adds to your muscle energy. Eat cherries as much as you can to build strong muscles. Cherries have massive benefits which will give you ideal health.


Cherries can be used in different ways 

These are only a few of the benefits of cherries. This fruit can be added to your diet in different ways. You can eat cherries directly. Another option of using cherries is to have it tart. The tart is the pulp of cherries. It is full of energy. Eating tart in an adequate amount is much better because an excess of the tart is not good.


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Cherries can be used in different recipes and desserts. One of the common uses of cherries is in cakes and pastries. Every cake is topped with cherries for adding taste and colour. Besides that, cherries are used in puddings. Cherry pudding is liked all over the world because of taste. Here is a video that will guide you how to utilize cherries in different dishes. 

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