Child abuse

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Children are hope for the future and they are  the foundation for prosperity or clues for future they are using  in the present circumstances in several kinds and ways .

All the family action and impact, the market and environment has direct effects on children. The poverty  lack of a head grower  and all the other causes  are dangerous for children .

Today's environment for children are pave the way and who come from all over the minds psyche of children and effects on children, the environment teaches the child because it is  the is the first step to everything .

If we want to train or teach our children we not only teach them but we must pave the way for them and we must make the environment till they learn something directly and automatically.

As the psychologists are said the children can learn something  from environment that whit out than we teach them . So therefore we all  should try to make the  environment, including family , school , street and the market that they all be good and useful for all children that they can learn and get some positive points and do not have a bad situation till they can make their future and they can make their destiny till they can serve for their people and for their country.

Today ,  the children are sale something in bazar to income money for their family are support their family, cause that they become shift of from polite, learning, form schools and from universities , so this is only the way that our children can not have a good future and a bad life.

Its not proud for families to their children have income for them but its their defeat that they have abuse form their children, and their children will feel all the pain and very soon that its only their training and bad live that their family have gave for them.

Dear families and Parents! Please ensure the future and destiny of your children and work alongside them in some areas to pay attention to training and developing them is the task of the faith , paternal and maternal of you all then you will be do deserving for  reward .

In who are do not have pay attention on their Children its not only that they do not done their task but they will to close to hell, because the will become ask  you all was the responsible for your children in the future , so why you do not have pay attention and why you do not train them.

I hope that all know their responsibility about their children.

Written by : Hekmatullah  Aziz

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I am hekmatullah and i am from ghazni province of Afghanistan i graduated from school at 2009 and now im student of journalism at kabul universtiy

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