Child sacrifice; heinous act taking roots in Pakistan

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Three months ago I was coming back from university when I heard some people gossiping about a news which was written in bold letters in a local news paper, according to the news “a man sacrificed his five nieces and nephews who are under the ages of three to twelve in Mansehra because one amil (Witch doctor) told him to do this brutal act to please the witches” he done this act to make happy the witches and in turn he will become prosperous. That was really shocking how someone can murder a child to access the harmony and peace.

Child sacrifice is not new to world, from centuries this tradition is being practice in this world, in this modern era in many area people do this savage act to please the super natural forces, in a country name Uganda child sacrifice is common, people sacrifice children to get the wealth, according to resources the wealthy people purchase the child from local seller who kidnapped these children and then sell them to the people to practice the ritual of sacrifice. Now many parents have their children pierced or scared as this make the child impure and he become unsuitable for a brutal act.

  Every year more than then three thousand children are getting slaughter in the world just to delight the super natural forces, and now this is taking root in South Asia. In 2012 police found a dead body of seven year old girl in a remote village of Bengal, India which was sacrificed and her liver was offered to God by two men for peace and harmony. In 2010 two cases of sacrifice were reported from same area. Every year about ten to twenty cases of sacrifice are reported in India but no one knows real statistics.

In Pakistan last year three cases of sacrifice became the highlights on the TV channels. In one of case a man sacrifice his wife and two daughters to please the super natural forces and to get the wealth in return. It is really a act full of ignorance. People so such acts in ignorance and all the people who did this act were illiterate and poor, they think this act as a short cut to get what they want.

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