Childhood have a great movement

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How much time is not the same ruthless joy, never give grief. But today it is neither happy nor it is getting their sons talk about moments of sorrow from those who never returned, and may not come back.

When a person, it is just that they move quickly to any investigation greens. I think this is my own thinking was that as much as I can become, but any increase your Greens quickly father does not stretch as much as knew tab in my business, I will move so does. Where was the same thinking tab well.

As a child, he is one of the moments when the man was just food and drink and beautiful toys that play with that and another does not work. Any sense of how the world's suffering is not up to the world, is this it in the youth. From childhood we are old, but our desire is that we were good in children.

I take all of these things if say that any day. My wealth and my fame, my youth, from me, once again, I take everything and I as a child, he is the one who will bring back the Ark of paper rain water and yet I know that this is nothing. Why not also return if ever.


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