CHILDHOOD MARRIAGES-Causes many problems for girls.

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In today's civilized and educated society, childhood marriage is an outdated concept and bad practice and such examples do not exist in civilized society. In this era of technology and development when a girls completes her education then she step towards the twentieth year of her age. When she starts her career after two to five years to work then she mentally transform herself into a new relationship of life. But the attitude of our society is that she has to suffer pressure and torture from all the sides. In the Rural communities in the first year of the girl's puberty her parents are worried about her marriage.

 Women in Pakistan are facing a lot of problems of different nature. Although women in the world are victim of exploitation, oppression and discrimination but in Pakistan these evils are of strong intensities. Childhood marriages are one shape of victims on small girls. Childhood marriages are rapidly spreading social disease in Pakistan particularly in the province of Sindh. Childhood marriages are not only against the laws of children’s rights but also are an undesirable and inappropriate according to international law and medical point of view. The boys and girls who are just trying to understand the world due to childhood marriages a baby comes in their lap and they have new responsibilities on their shoulders.

These Childhood marriages cause many family problems and further increases in family poverty. According to estimation half of the population of our country lives below the poverty line. According to figures of economic Survey of Pakistan 2012-13, Pakistan is the sixth most populous country. The population of Pakistan consists of 48% of children in the population, if the population will increase with same rate then it is estimated that till 2050 Pakistan will be will be the fifth-largest populous  country of the world. We belong to a country where poverty and its resulting problems are much more painful. Basic needs of life like, clean drinking water, food, medical treatment and medicines, strong roof for shelter, hospitals and schools are not adequately available to people. Number of children in school age, remains even deprived from primary education. In such circumstances, childhood marriages lead to parents, children and society issues and also the increase in population.

The girl of thirteen years is neither ready to take the responsibility of her family nor well able to play role in the marital relationship. According to doctors, for any girls this is the age when her mind and body goes through different changes and stages, she is not physically mature and healthy. In Tribal traditions and systems of village beside house chores girl must meet Conjugal Rights and if she is pregnant even at this time no concession is given to her. These girls due to inadequate rest, sleep and stress give birth to children with anemia and weak bones.

The lives of girls are greatly affected by childhood marriages and their right to live, right to education and right to health is taken away. Amendment to the law is needed for the age to marry. It is a matter of satisfaction that the Sindh Assembly on May 5, unanimously approved “early marriage ban bill” and it will be called'' Sindh Marriage Restraint Bill 2014”.  Social organizations and government agencies should work together to change the thoughts of society and to give healthy mothers to society…


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