Children 2 Months Instantly Turns So Adult Men

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Liberia - A baby two months suddenly turned into a grown man and disappeared into the bushes.

Oddity back in Liberia. After being in instant hit with the resurrection of two victims of ebola, Liberia is now enlivened by news of a baby two months immediately grow into adult males. Oddity that occurred right before the mother who lives in Bong County.

To the Daily Observer, the mother who named Lorpu Kollie said on Tuesday that he and his son were on their way to the farm when he was carrying the child in the back asking to be lowered. As soon as he put the baby, the baby began to grow into a fully grown man. He then tells her that he does not like the grandmother who constantly insulted. Infants who changed it had fled to the bush. 

Lorpu Kollie added that his son named Smith Freeman "does not have a scar or defect in his body that could convince locals that the baby was somehow included in the black world." However, the baby's father named Watson Freeman stated that since he complained to contain her boyfriend pain in her body until she finally gave birth. He also stated that his loss of a child in mysterious circumstances is remarkable.

Meanwhile, the baby's grandfather, Jerome Kowan, believes that the disappearance of his grandchildren that can not be explained was the result of the world act black. Local traditional leaders, too, were conducting an investigation on the case of the odd customs of the baby. Residents are also advised away from the direction of the escape of his baby for a few days and keep an eye on.

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