Children are children

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Children are children. The phrase that pulls the curtains in the morning and evening keeps our ears. Children are our society's beauty. When parents come back from work tired loser. Laughter in front of your face to see if their children are away all my stress. Sensitive nature and almost every child becomes a man with children.


Man's life is like a newspaper . Well as all sorts of news in a newspaper environment and almost everything is iterated . Celebrity News flasfrs the life of children is the most beautiful page .

There is a famous saying . "The children feel the true " It is a fact that almost every child is . And plays an important role in his innocence .

But it would be better to say . Further increases . It is said that when the baby is 40 days.

since the people around her begins to feel and understand . And around it leaves an impact on people 's behavior . When a child grows up . Learns to walk and talk then her personality seems to be clear . He becomes another form of parental


However, with time it becomes a distinct unique look. He learns to speak. Learns to hit with older siblings with parents is exposed. Under this all looks good. However, after some time it becomes tolerable under it. Sense that it becomes a part of psychology. It has also committed itself not to.

Then the little boy reaches the age of 7 or 8 years. He strictly starts. Which produces power of her personality. It also has to sumana's scolding. But this improvement together


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