Children Boxing?

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Boxing is one of the most viewed kinds of sports in the world aside from the football games. And it is okay to see adults fight over the ring, it is a sport I know but what would you feel if the players inside the four cornered ring are children of age 12 and below?

I came to see an actual fight between two young boys, they were having gloves and head gears as well and whole they were fighting, I was having fun actually, I thought it will be a boring fight but it wasn't. It even was more entertaining compared to those of the adult ones unless the players are the famous boxers like Manny Pacquiao. Of course that is a different story.

But after the fun, I realized that these guys are just kids, they might be forced to do boxing or maybe they really like it but seemed like their bodies are supposed to be enjoying childhood life first at this stage. We do not know what’s the story behind why they came to do this fight. 

Anyway, they are still young, hopefully they were not hurt during those fights and that hopefully they would soon learn to see what profession that they would really love to take.

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